Robotic Simulation

Robotic Factory SimulationRobotic Simulation is the tool at the heart of Ebild's commitment to bringing products to the market faster and more efficiently, whilst increasing quality and accuracy with the techniques of digital manufacturing. Ebild can provide robotic work cell simulation services using trained specialists to work at customer sites or directly from our offices. Robot and tool positioning is designed for maximum output, best reach, and ease of manufacturing. Layouts can also be output in traditional CAD formats.

Motion Simulation for Robots and Mechanisms

Motion planning, cycle timing, weld gun arm shape design, and real time performance are the tasks Robotic Simulation is famous for. Our Engineers are specialists in getting the most out of your robots through better simulation of robot motion. Our engineers understand the concepts of joint movements and joints speeds enabling them to produce optimum robot paths.

Collision Detection

Whilst simulating robot motion, collisions and near miss situations can be detected. This allows tooling re-designs to avoid collisions and provide optimum motion planning before the factory installation has begun.

SOP (Sequence of Operations)

All operations in the cell can be sequenced and played back in order, allowing full work-cell optimization. Human, robot, and tooling can all be simulated and sequenced. Additionally, PLC signal predications can be prepared and fully planned.

OLP (Off-Line Programming)

Motion paths can be downloaded straight to the robot to create programmed paths, which are then calibrated and sent back to the simulation. The majority of robots can be programmed in this way saving installation and downtime. A path can be uploaded, optimized, or re-programmed for new product variants, and then sent back to the robot.

Robot Calibration for Improving Positioning Accuracy

Simulated work-cells can be aligned with real life layouts allowing robots to move to real points without touch-ups. Robot paths can then be sent back to the simulation.

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