Digital Manufacturing

What Is Digital Manufacturing and How Can It Help Reduce Costs?

Tool Access SimulationDigital manufacturing is the process of planning and simulating manufacturing processes at the design stage. Digital manufacturing allows manufacturing engineers and process planners to work in close harmony with the product designers to iron out feasibility issues because later changes can be more costly. 3D CAD models can be built up in sequence order to check tool access and assembly feasibility. Robot paths can be planned, collisions avoided, reach checked, layout checked, and cycle time optimized, all before the factory installation has begun. Processes can be checked to assess whether they are ergonomically possible and workers can reach the places they need to without fear of injury.

Digital manufacturing involves the design, simulation, optimization, analysis and off-line programming, of robotic and automated manufacturing processes.

• Modelling of complex kinematics of robots and other mechanisms
• 3D layout definition of work cells
• Reach-ability check, collision detection and optimized cycle time
• Modelling and optimization of the whole manufacturing process SOP (Sequence of Operations)
• OLP (Off-Line Programming)
- Optimized programs downloaded to robots on the shop floor
- Up-loading existing production programs for optimization.

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