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What Services Do We Provide?

Factory Vehicle Assembly SimulationEbild Ltd can supply highly skilled and specialized engineers trained in all manners of simulation and CAD packages. We can provide ergonomists skilled in simulating realistic human poses in the CAD environment and assess them for feasibility. Further down the line we can provide robot programmers who can create optimal robot paths for maximum output and efficiency. Qualified personnel can be hired on a contract basis in areas such as CAD/CAM design, work cell cycle time and factory throughput simulation, ergonomics, and robotics.

Software supported by Ebild includes:

• Team Center
• Em-workplace (Robcad)
• Em-planner / Em-designer
• Jack
• Delmia / Catia

To complement the ergonomic assessments made using software packages such as Em-human and Jack, Ebild Ltd can also offer the services of fully trained and degree level qualified ergonomists, as part of a package designed to reduce workspace related injuries and costly design alterations, and to also improve productivity. Similarly Ebild can support computer generated robotic tool and work cell designs by providing robot programmers, experienced across a broad spectrum of models and applications, who can turn simulation into reality and assist our clients, achieve minimum downtime, and optimum output.

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